Notable Dates for your Diary 2021/2

Border, Hexham, 28th November

Ratcheugh Racing Club, Alnwick, 12th December

West Percy, Alnwick, 9th January

Yorkshire Area Point-to-Point Club, Sheriff Hutton, 16th January

Percy, Alnwick, 30th January

Sinnington, Duncombe Park, 6th February

Yorkshire Area Club Askham, Bryan College, 20th February

College Valley & North Northumberland, Alnwick, 27th February

Yorkshire Jockey Club, Charm Park, 6th March

Holderness Dalton Park, 13th March

Hurworth Hutton, Rudby, 19th March

Badsworth & Bramham Moor, Askham Bryan College, 27th March

Middleton Sheriff, Hutton, 3rd April

Bedale Hornby, Castle, 9th April

Cleveland, TBC, 17th April

Tynedale, Corbridge, 18th April

York & Ainsty south and York North & West of Yore, Easingwold, 24th April

Zetland Witton, Castle, 2nd May

Derwent Charm, Park, 8th May