Champion Euro Deluxe Plus


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6 3/4 – 7 1/2.

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The NEW Champion Euro Deluxe Plus is a traditional style helmet featuring a lightweight injection moulded ABS shell.  The four-point harness is made from soft padded leather featuring a rear drawstring and quick release buckle for ease of use.

The PAS standard explained (Text taken from BETA’s guide to riding hats)

This stands for Product Approval Specification and was developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) in response to concerns about the time it was taking to develop what would become the EN1384. The first version was formulated by looking at drafts for the European standard and taking the highest option in each case.

After the official publication of the EN1384 in 1997 certain differences occurred between it and PAS015, leading to the 1998 revision of the PAS015 to remove those differences and address new areas of protection such as crush resistance and protection against injury when landing on an edged surface. As the test line is lower at the front it tends to lead to slightly bulkier helmets. A stability test is also included to limit excessive movement during wearing or a fall. This has been revised in 2011 with an increased drop height and several other amendments affecting the performance of hats.

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