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English Leather Race Bridle


Best quality English bridle, complete with loose ring race snaffle, 3/4″ lined and raised cavesson noseband, Irish martingale and 3/4″ rubber grip reins.

Available with buckle billets.

Orange or Brown 3/4″ Rein grips.

5″ or 5 1/2″ loose ring race snaffle

WRS Sizes: 2-Year-old, Flat and National Hunt size.

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Best quality English Leather Race Bridles in three sizes: 2-Year-Old, Flat and National Hunt.

2 yr. old Bridle: 1/2″ Cob Headpiece, 1/2″ Cob Browband, 1/2″ 2yr old Cheeks, Cob Noseband, short 2yr old Reins, Irish Mart, 5″ Bit.

Flat Size Bridle: 1/2″ F/S Headpiece, 1/2″ F/S Browband, 1/2″ Cob Cheeks, F/S Noseband, F/S Reins, Irish Mart, 5 1/2″ Bit.

N/H Bridle or PTP: 5/8″ F/S Headpiece, 5/8″ F/S browband, 5/8″ Cob Cheeks, F/S Noseband, F/S Reins, Irish Mart, 5 1/2″ Bit.


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