Tuffa Malton Race Boots


Malton Jockey Synthetic Patent Race Boot.

Designed for racing, slim-fitting and lightweight.

Sizes: UK/Euro 1/34, 2 /35, 3/36, 4/37, 5/38, 6/39, 7/40, 7.5/41, 8/42.


The Malton jockey boot made from a synthetic patent material.

Has a Texon insole, a ½ leather inner sock and a full-length rear zip.

Heel height 12mm.

Weight 0.48 kg.

The sole is cemented on to the boot for maximum durability.

Stock Colour Black with Black Top.

Royal Blue and Burgundy tops are available by request, contact the shop to order.

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Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg

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